jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

Just a mere translation...

********** MARTIAL ARTS***********
*If a technique is performed without an actual attack by the offender, then it is not Martial Arts, it’s your teacher not doing the teaching or actually not knowing to attack.
*Whenever a technique is performed and Uke stands still watching how the “teacher” moves or “flies around” you doing locks, controls, etc, this is not Martial Arts. That’s not effective. It’s just some clueless guy. But if you spend soe time training this way, you adapt to the flaw. Take a look around, realize it and get away from there, you are just wasting your time.
*If a throw technique is performed with a finger, mystical, tellurian or some other kina of “energy”, then that’s not Martial Arts. It can be done to you because you have blent into the group, but it can’t be done on a true adversary. Get away from there.
*Fighting sports are not Martial Arts, though many are effective. You have to respect fighters that practice this disciplines. Ask yourself this: Is your Martial Art better thant their strike combos, for instance? If not, what’s going on?
Martial Arts derive from far older traditions and they have evolved to be used in COMBAT, FIGHTING., apart from all the tradition, serenity and formality components. But the main point is still technical and perfect combat.
It is understandable that 15 years ago, in the era pre-Youtube, pre-Internet, one could mistakably enter the “wrong” “Secret Ninja Ryu” Dojo. Nowadays it’s hard to accept that someone who actually wants to practice a proper Martial Art chooses said Ninja Ryu, some impromptu modern art that mixes A+B+ whatever. I just can’t believe it.
Simply choose a known Martial Art, like Karate and its main branches, Judo, Kendo, Aikido, Kenpo, Hatsumi Soke’s Bujinkan, just something with actual years of established practice, don’t waste more time of your own or worse, of your children’s.
Keep away from new founders, specially wherever you see the word “Soke” associated with a non Japanese, or even a Japanese without a solid background. Hatsumi Soke himself has suffered his share on “copies” recently. Ask around and do some research.
Check the Internet, brouse Youtube, ask around in other Dojos to look for the one that best suits you, but play safely.
If you still want to go on a wrong road, well that’s just as human beings are…

Bujinkan Dojo Japan Shihan 

miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2014

III Curso de Francisco Vázquez en Tenerife.


Recuerdos de Japón

En nuestra última clase impartida por Ishizuka sensei, con ayuda de Aida Sensei; posamos junto a  ambos con Riu, nuestro Shihan Francisco Vázquez (Hannya-San) y su retoño,  sí como sus alumnos Agustín y Álvaro.

Aquí estamos junto con Ogawa-sensei. 

Tanto unos como otros mostraron gran dedicación (y sobre todo ¡paciencia!) a la hora de impartir sus enseñanzas.